ROUGH CUT COMICS is a Scottish comic-book publisher and multi-media company which was launched in 2000.

The company's main titles are THE SURGEON, ROSE BLACK and THE FREEDOM COLLECTIVE series.

They acquired the rights to Brian Yuzna's SOCIETY horror film and produced spin-off titles. Their graphic novel sequel to the film is available with the Arrow Video Director's Cut of SOCIETY.

It also re-packaged and published Jim Alexander's GOODCOPBADCOP series - for which it won the True Believer/Eagle Award for Best British Comic in 2014.

Rough Cut Comics' titles featured prominently in the Kudos/Channel 4 drama UTOPIA and the BBC Scotland thriller GUILT.

The company has a subsidiary organisation ROUGH CUT ENTERTAINMENT which develops its titles for film, TV and audio outlets.

ROUGH CUT COMICS and ROUGH CUT ENTERTAINMENT are based in the Hope Street Studios, 15 Hope Street, Glasgow, G2 8DA, United Kingdom.

ROUGH CUT COMICS does not accept unsolicited projects for publication or production.