Rough Cut Comics
Hope Street Studios
15 Hope Street
G1 6AB
United Kingdom



Want to work for Rough Cut? We do accept inquiries from artists, but be warned, we'll tell you what we think.

Rough Cut Comics currently receive a huge volume of submissions every month and we try our best to respond to
each one. However, the company covers a niche corner of the comic-book market and before submitting, you may
find it useful to read through one or more of our publications in order to gain knowledge of the type of material
(script and artwork) that we invest in. At present, we are only commissioning material which will fit comfortably
into our style catalogue. If you think you￿ve got it, drop us a line here and attached JPEGs no more than 100K each here.


If you want to let us know what you think of the stuff we produce, or want to know what￿s happening with your favourite Rough Cut Comics, then contact us here. here

Run a comic shop? If you'd like samples of Rough Cut's publications buzz us here. Provide the address of your shop and we'll send you sample material.

For inquiries related to The Surgeon screenplay and associated rights, email

For general inquiries mail us: here


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